APeX / NanOxyde – Immune System Booster – Silver and Oxygen Therapy

What Is APeX / NanOxyde?

– A Nano-Sized Silver Particle and Oxygen Delivery Immunity Booster

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Pathogen

APeX (also sold as NanOxyde) immune system booster is a breakthrough in cellular oxygen delivery first developed in 1957.

This breakthrough was made possible through nanotechnology by creating a covalent bond between oxygen molecules and trace amounts of nano-particles of silver.

As a consequence,  cell wall permeability by oxygen is increased. Why does this matter?

Ordinarily, oxygen is transported throughout the body by way of the hemoglobin of red blood cells. In the ideal case, this is not a problem. However, it is fairly common for blood vessels to become clogged and constricted over time, limiting the availability of oxygen to cells served by those blood vessels.

APeX / NanOxyde helps with oxygen delivery by allowing oxygen to dissolve into the blood plasma while trace amounts of silver facilitate cell wall permeability. The two work together to deliver oxygen to tissues at the molecular level that would otherwise have an oxygen deficit due to poor blood circulation. This increases your immunity to harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, because these cannot exist in highly oxygenated cells.

Why Is APeX / NanOxyde Better?

APeX / NanOxyde is the best product of its type due to the synergistic effect of covalently bonding oxygen with nano-sized particles of silver.

This means that the oxygen and nano-sized particles of silver work together and the result is far more effective than when each is used by itself. The silver and oxygen work together. The silver imparts the ability to penetrate cell walls of both healthy cells and pathogens. This has 2 principal effects:

  1. Oxygen delivery to healthy cells is enhanced, providing more available energy for cell function.
  2. Oxygen delivery to pathogenic cells is also enhanced, penetrating the bio-films which many anaerobic pathogens have as a protective layer, allowing the oxygen to enter the invading cells and has the reverse effect of killing them, since oxygen is poisonous to anaerobic organisms.


The Benefits of Nanosilver:

It is used in many products and treatments as an antiseptic, antibiotic and even a means of purifying water.

Many believe colloidal silver is one of the greatest anti-bacterials known to man. It’s an example of another “cure” that can’t be patented and sold for huge profit by the large pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, these companies go to great lengths to both suppress and discredit all information about such healing methods both new and very ancient. Silver’s efficacy has been known for millennia. It is very important however, to use the very highest grade of silver. Argyria, a condition where the skin becomes grayish or blue in color, is one of the popular myths spread by the pharmaceutical industry to deter people from exploring it’s potential. Using the highest quality silver alleviates any fear whatsoever of Argyria.

A British team of researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK conducted a study exposing breast and colon cancer cells to various silver-based chemicals for a period of six days. The author of the study, Dr. Charlotte Willans, announced their conclusion that silver compounds are as effective at killing certain cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug (Cisplatin), but with potentially far fewer side-effects. Results are published in the journal, Dalton Transactions.


What about Respiratory Bacterial Infections, Pathogens, and even Viruses like HIV and Herpes?

Silver hydrosols like APeX (NanOxyde) have been found effective in eradicating a variety of bacterial organisms responsible for causing respiratory infections including the flu (influenza), pertussis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and pneumonia, and been proven effective against pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli.

The use of nanosilver has also been used in treating viruses like HIV, Herpes, Flu strains, and Rhinovirus. Many believe that nanosilver products like APeX (NanOxyde) may even be an effective solution for other serious viral outbreaks like Ebola.

In critical care centers, nanosilver solutions are used in extremely difficult cases at over $100 per ounce.


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Want to know more? Read Leonard G. Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM  in-depth paper including scientific research references here.

APeX is also marketed by the name, NanOxyde.

Dr. Alan Schwartz M.D, from the Beverly Hills Holistic Medical Center, began an informal study of APeX against a variety of cancers at his clinic in Southern California in 2008. The remarkable results achieved during his study encouraged Dr. Schwartz to present his findings at the 2010 Cancer Control Convention in Los Angeles.



Remember, large drug companies only benefit financially when you are sick. For example, if a cure for the C word were to come out, they would most certainly want to suppress it. Their first priority is not you, it’s to their share holders and bottom line. Despite what they say, a cure is obviously not in their best corporate interest. These companies are Very powerful and persuasive. Do your own research.

We recommend, thetruthaboutcancer.com as a fantastic resource.



Note: These testimonials reflect the personal experiences of individuals and as such are anecdotal. The information presented about APeX is not medical advice, and is not given as medical advice. Nor is it intended to propose or offer to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician. People who post reviews are not considered authors of this website, and are considered private individuals representing their views.

“This is an amazing product. I was suffering from Typhus in my left leg. I wrapped gauze around my leg and poured the APeX onto the wrapping. Within 2 to 3 hours the pain was gone, and that same day the infection was also gone. Thank you for this miracle water.”  – T.C.

“As we were evacuating our clinic, our town actually, due to a forest fire this last summer, my little finger was nearly cut off. It was only hanging on by the bone and bleeding so bad that I nearly went into shock: I desperately needed it to be stitched, but our whole town was being evacuated. Fortunately for me I had received some APeX to test in my clinic and I started soaking it in the solution. Within 1 hour the bleeding was under control and I butter-flied it together and wrapped it in gauze soaked with the solution. The next morning I woke up with no pain in that little finger. I kept the gauze soaked in the solution and bandaged thereafter. In less than 10 days my little finger was completely healed whole full range of motion with nothing but a small faint scar on one side; which was the only evidence that I had even been injured. This is so dramatic to my staff and I, that it is difficult to completely grasp if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes. Thank you so much!”
– Dr. G.K.

“In 1992, I was diagnosed with a Staph infection in my right kidney. The plan suggest by doctors was to remove my kidney so that the infection would not affect my heart. Six days prior to surgery I was given the opportunity to drink the APeX, and after drinking less than 1 liter, the infection was cleared up, so thankfully I didn’t have to have the surgery.”  – C.N.

“As a result of several hepatitis vaccinations I started getting aches and pains all over, then started experiencing joint pain especially in my left knee. The pain became so severe I couldn’t walk a quarter of a mile on level ground. After taking the APeX solution for approximately one month, my knee pain has almost completely disappeared. This product has truly been an answer to my prayers.”  – Yours truly, C.J.

“In late 1999, I was in and out of the VA Hospital suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. I had intense aches and pains and zero energy. I was introduced to the APeX solution by some close friends. After drinking the solution for several months, I now have no symptoms and I’m as healthy as ever.”  – C.C.

“As a follow-up to my other testimony concerning APeX and the toxic reaction to some immunizations I received as an adult, during a time when I was struggling with aches and pains in my muscles and knees. I also had a terrible anal itch, so bad that I was going through one whole tube of Preparation H every couple of days. Within two weeks of drinking the APeX I had a lot less muscle pain and my knees were much better. The itch was gone and has not returned. Boy, what a relief!  – C.J.

“I have had Hepatitis C for the last 14 years and am a single mom with 6 children. At this point my medical doctors want to do chemotherapy on me. A good friend of mine suggested the APeX might ease some of my symptoms. I was so tired, no matter how much sleep I got, it felt like I got no sleep at all. I was drinking the APeX water twice a day, every day for two weeks before I started feeling better. I was getting up before the alarm went off feeling fully rested with plenty of energy for whatever came up that day. I now have no symptoms that tell me I have Hepatitis C any longer. I can’t wait to see what my next blood tests in June say.”  – L.F.

“Thank you, after drinking the APeX solution for just one week, my gums stopped bleeding from gingivitis. I continue by rinsing with the silver solution after brushing my teeth to maintain good dental health. Thanks again.”  – G.M.

“We have a 17 year old Australian Cattle Dog (Darby) who was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease 5-1/2 years ago. We believe the disease was triggered from a response she had to her rabies vaccine. Her body attacks itself as a foreign intruder. We noticed during these last several years that Darby did not shed her coat out completely during the year, growing in a new lush coat, which would be normal for most all breeds of dogs. The lackluster coat is usually noted in older dogs with health problems and poor nutrition. A couple of months ago we began giving her and our other dogs the APeX solution in their meal at night. Within a month on the solution Darby began to shed out her old coat and began to grow in a beautiful lush coat. Her coat now looks very healthy. One of the symptoms Darby has with Autoimmune Disease is swollen and bleeding gums. I began using cotton balls soaked with the solution and applied it to her gums and it has helped reduce the bleeding. We will continue to use the solution for our dogs as we believe it is beneficial to their health.”  – Sincerely, M.M.

“I had been hemorrhaging for nine months with a 9 lb. (4 kg) cancerous tumor in my uterus. After hearing of remission in other patients by the APeX I decided to not do chemotherapy, I then completed a one month course of treatment solely with the APeX solution. After one month of treatment the cancerous tumor was surgically removed from my body benign. In the aftermath, I had a CT scan which thankfully verified that the cancer had been eliminated. I have since gone into complete remission and over the past year have never left home without a bottle of the APeX solution. My gratitude knows no bounds for the new lease on life I have been granted by APeX.”  – Mary

“I have suffered from chronic sinus headaches for most of my adult life. I am 50 years old. Miraculously since I’ve begun drinking the APeX solution I’ve had many days and nights now of no pain. I can honestly tell you, nothing I have ever done has had nearly the positive effect on my sinus condition and I seem to continuously improve.”  – Thanks, R.T.

“I had to take my 18 month and 28 month old daughters to the ER one Sunday morning last winter with 1030 temps. I avoided taking them because my husband and I want to minimize the number of drugs our children take. My husband came home from church with the APeX solution for the girls. I hadn’t filled the prescriptions yet because I wanted to believe in this new APeX water so I decided to give 24 hours before filling the prescriptions. I gave the girls 1oz. 3 times during that afternoon and evening. The next morning their fevers had broken, within 2-3 more days they were fine. My husband and I are grateful that we didn’t have to fill that prescription.”  – A.T.

“Thank you ever so much for the APeX. The cancer diagnosis was devastating. I had ovarian cancer and not much hope. My family and friends were amazed to hear that I was cancer free after just three weeks of use. Thank you again.”  – M.S.R.

“This is the best thing I have ever tried in my life. My blood was so full of yeast that I was in constant depression. I had no energy or appetite. It took 3 liters of the APeX solution before I could feel a change in my condition. Thanks.”  – M.S.

“Thanks again for the opportunity to try the APeX. Hepatitis C had my life in such a state of affairs. I could not function, in my job or social life. My liver enzymes were at their worst and my viral load was dangerously high. Now my liver is normal and the viral load is coming down.”     – B.L.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months after this report was given to me, through a friend, I met the inventor of the APeX. We discussed the amount I should drink of this product. After six weeks of drinking the silver solution, I had another tissue study made and was extremely excited to hear the report that I was cancer-clear.”  – K.D.

“In the fall of 1998 I went to the doctor with symptoms such as joint pains and chronic fatigue. They did a blood test and the results came back positive with Lupus. I was given prescription for pain management and a diet which hoped to relieve my joint pains. Despite these measures I still had difficulty with the severe pain and fatigue. A friend asked me to try the APeX solution and see if it would help relieve the symptoms. I started drinking a quart a day for two weeks, and I started to feel better. I could finally sleep throughout the night and my mornings were much easier now that I was able to get out of bed. After eight months of using the APeX, I went back to the doctor for another blood test, and this time there was no sign of Lupus in the blood. The doctor states that it is in remission, but the APeX did what no prescribed medication or diet could accomplish, and that has relieved my pain and fatigue.”  – L.C.

“I discovered the APeX solution and it changed my life. I have been suffering with Hepatitis C for several years and I had to be on strict diet all the time to keep it under control and take many different vitamins and various products. Despite the treatments I would have very often flues and bronchitis which would stay for months. In addition, I was losing so much of my hair I started to worry. In a few days after I started to drink the APeX my bronchitis disappeared, finally! My hair stopped falling out and my Hep C symptoms totally vanished. No more long standing flu, no more bad digestion, I got my life back!!! What a blessing! I can eat normally and even drink wine at dinners without any problem. I am a total supporter of the APeX and very delighted I was so lucky to find a friend who told me and that I had ears to listen about this great product.”        – Thank you, K.T.

“Canadian Health authorities have warned the public that certain strains of the flu virus going around this year were not included in their vaccination programs. Unfortunately, my son was inflicted with what appeared to be one of the worst strains I have witnessed in recent memory. My son is only 14 years old and would generally be considered a fairly tough customer. But this particular strain of flu was certainly not your ordinary common cold. He was completely bedridden for a week and a half and didn’t appear to be making any progress. His symptoms included a bad fever followed by chills and accompanied with vomiting, severe coughing and a headache. It eventually became so painful for him to talk or cough that the child would break down in tears just attempting to speak. Needless to say we were more than a little concerned and immediately visited our family doctor. The doctor informed us that this particular strain was one of the viruses overlooked by the Disease Control Board. Our doctor offered very little, suggesting on how to combat this vicious bug, suggesting there was nothing we could do, prescribing typical cold remedies as a solution. We explained to him the medications he was suggesting had had little or no effect in assisting our son to combat the virus. Upon arriving home that day, I suggested to my son to try a strong dose of the APeX. Within 20 minutes of him drinking the water he made visible and notable improvements. Within a two hour time-frame he was out of bed sitting in the living room watching TV with us, commenting that he’s feeling much better. Both my daughter and my Wife were skeptical refusing to drink the water as a preventative maintenance to avoid contracting the virus at all, resulting in us becoming the house-holds caregivers for the next 3 days. My entire family is now thoroughly convinced the APeX solution made this dreadful strain of the flu much more manageable. I would like this letter to not only stand as a product testimonial but a very strong recommendation that every family’s medicine cabinet should include a ready supply of the APeX solution at all times.  – Sincerely, J.O.

“I admit that I don’t like going to the dentist. In fact I was traumatized at an early age because I was afraid of needles and never had Novocain until I was 13 years old. At 52 years old, I still avoid going to the dentist, even when I know I should. Recently, I slacked off taking my daily dose of APeX and got a severe toothache. I know that toothaches are caused by infection. I got back on the water immediately, swishing it around in my mouth for several minutes. In about an hour the pain was completely gone. I know I still need to see my dentist, but I won’t be in pain in the waiting room.”  – Thank you, B.M.

“I believe the APeX is a transforming product. I developed an infection in my right eye. I thought I might have cut it somehow, my husband said it was full of pus. I cleaned it out but didn’t treat it with anything. In the middle of the night I woke up, my eye swollen and held shut with dried pus. I used a warm wet cloth to get it open, it looked nasty. I put some APeX water in an eye dropper and put 2 drops in my eye. When I woke up the next morning my eye had no redness or swelling, I was amazed! I would recommend the APeX solution to anyone with an infection, it works wonders. Thanks for a great product.”  – Rose

“After trimming some plants and reaching under them, I noticed a red spot on my arm the size of a dime. It was a spider bite that quickly grew to the size of a quarter and then swelled up even bigger. I used a cotton ball dipped in APeX and wiped the swollen area for about 5 minutes. In an hour or so the swelling went down and the redness shrank in size. I’ve repeated this treatment every day for a week and now I can’t even see where the bite was. Before I got the APeX, a bite like this or a sting would send me to the doctor’s office. This product is truly amazing.”        – M.R.

“I have been drinking the APeX for about 2 months now and I have noticed a significant change in my condition. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 1996. I have had internal pain for about 15 years now. It took the doctors many years to finally diagnose me after multiple visits to the emergency room, having constant pain and finally thinking that I was losing my mind. Once I was diagnosed, I had surgery and I was so disappointed that I still had pain. I went through years of trying every medication known to treat endometriosis and all I ended up with was side effects that were almost as bad, if not worse, than the endometriosis pain. I just decided that I was going to have to live with pain for the rest of my life and that’s just how it was. My husband didn’t like that choice and he wanted me to continue to find a solution. I contemplated having a hysterectomy but my husband really wanted a child. I have one miracle child and tried for 6 years to have another one. Still unsuccessful, but now I have hope. I kept my organs and I started drinking the APeX. I have much more energy now, I am exercising at the gym 5 days a week and I look and feel great! I still have pain with my monthly cycle but the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis is gone. My husband was so used to me being in pain all the time he still keeps asking me if I’m in pain? And when I say “no” I think he doesn’t believe me. But I know that this is a miracle sent to me from God! I will drink it for the rest of my life!”  – D.A.



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