Jing Herbs Shou Wu 88 90 Capsules

This formula is a masterful blend of the great tonic herb He shou wu (Fo-ti) and the tart Chinese cherry fruit, Cornus. There is a long tradition in the practice of herbal alchemy of making combinations of two herbs that complement each other in a way that reinforces the function of each in a balanced and harmonious way. Shou Wu 88 continues this time tested tradition. The synergy of this pairing creates a simple but powerful anti-aging formula that not only replenishes and nourishes the Kidney adrenal complex (Jing/Essence) but also guides and locks the energy of the formula from “leaking” out of the targeted organ systems. 90 Vegetarian Capsules 450 mg per capsule Ideal for: Anyone that is Yin or blood deficient, Men looking to restore Essence (Sperm). TCM Function: Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, nourishes the blood, Augments the Essence, Stabilizes the Kidneys an retains the Essence. Usage: Take 3 capsules two times per day on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Extract ratio: 10:1
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