Dragon Herbs, Ginseng Sublime, 2 fl oz (60 ml)

Ginseng Sublime is distinguished by the quality of the Ginseng roots used to make it. This highly concentrated tincture is made from the finest red Ginseng roots in the world. It contains Heaven Grade North and South Korean Ginseng, certified by the respective agencies that control Ginseng in those countries. Ginseng Sublime also contains Heaven Grade Shu Chu Ginseng from China. Shu Chu Ginseng is the finest Ginseng cultivated in China. Heaven Grade means its is the crème de la crème of this Ginseng. Also used to produce Ginseng Sublime is Emperor’s Tribute Red Ginseng, Heaven Grade of course, grown in the former Emperor of China’s own Ginseng plantation. Recent studies have shown this to be the most potent cultivated Ginseng in the world. Ginseng Sublime also contains Red and White Ginseng roots, 8 years old or older, grown on Dragon Herbs own Ginseng plantation in Chiangbai Mountain, just a few kilometers from Shu Chu Valley, the growing site of Shu Chu Ginseng. This House Ginseng is organically grown and processed naturally by an ancient technique by local villagers. We add a number of wild Chinese and American Ginseng roots as well, making Ginseng Sublime the most complete Ginseng extract in the world. Ginseng Sublime is quite similar to 500 Ginsengs, another full-spectrum Ginseng extract produced by Dragon Herbs. However, it is not as Yang and has a different proportion of Ginseng varieties. In particular, it contains more Chiangbai Mountain Red Ginseng and less North Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng, accounting for the difference in price.
Stimulating and regulatory to both the central nervous system and to the endocrine system
Specifically improves adaptability and is believed to help build muscle and endurance
Beneficial for improving blood sugar regulation, easing fatigue, and stimulating circulation
Enhances oxygenation of the blood and thus increases endurance and general health
Profound and multifaceted formulation made from the major varieties of Ginseng found throughout the world

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