BulletProof Chocolate Powder -16oz

BulletProof Raw Chocolate Powder -16oz

Clean, raw chocolate powder (raw cacao), hand-picked from select South American growers, carefully prepared using the demanding Bulletproof Process and lab-tested for purity. It’s the perfect foundation for any chocolate recipe – letting you enjoy all the nutrients found in minimally processed chocolate without the sugar, chemicals and mold toxins that often come along for the ride.

Have you been depriving yourself of chocolate because you’re trying to lose weight and feel better? Maybe you’ve noticed that some expensive chocolate bars taste great, but then you crash and feel jittery later. Or maybe you’ve had a lifelong love affair with dark chocolate.

BulletProof Raw Chocolate Powder is designed to be the highest quality chocolate. Where your chocolate comes from and how it’s created determines everything about how it will make you feel.

All chocolate is produced by fermentation, and it is common for chocolate to be contaminated with mold. Mold can contribute to feelings of weakness, sickness, and lethargy. For regular chocolate, the health benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

That’s why we made BulletProof Chocolate Powder using an optimized process to create powdered chocolate without minimized levels of toxins, which normally make chocolate such a common source of problems.

Eating a high quality source of dark chocolate, like BulletProof Chocolate Powder, has tons of benefits. People who eat high quality chocolate have been shown to have lower markers of inflammation than those who eat regular chocolate.


We start with rare, wild, hand-harvested South American cacao beans from a single small region at high elevation with rich volcanic soil. High elevations reduce the amount of mold in the environment. The trees are watered with pollution-free mountain stream water. We selected a heritage cacao species in the Arriba family from decades-old trees, some as old as 75 years. At no time do we use aggregators or wholesalers so there is no chance of low-quality hybrid species of cacao entering our supply chain. Experienced craftsmen harvest the ripe cacao pods and bring them to the nearby, dedicated processing facility.

Unfermented chocolate is not edible, so we do ferment the chocolate. Our high altitude state of the art closed facility and single-source beans allow a short fermentation process with far less exposure to the types of toxic mold found in more humid African chocolate processing methods. We maintain the delicate flavors and oils by quickly sun-drying the still-raw beans in mountain air. Then we grind the beans into a fine powder on custom artisan equipment dedicated exclusively to our chocolate. The beans are 100% organic, wild, kosher, vegan, and exceed fair trade standards.

Bulletproof chocolate products are processed without using alkalization, spray/gas drying, or harsh solvents. Harsh processing can decrease the beneficial compounds in chocolate by 86-89%..

By gently harvesting the pods, keeping them raw, and using artisan equipment to crush the beans, Bulletproof Raw Chocolate Powder retains the antioxidant quality of chocolate all the way from the wilderness to your mouth.

The quality and flavor of chocolate is impacted by the fermentation and processing methods. Normally, there is very little control over what bacteria ferment the cocoa, which often produces unwanted flavors and bad batches.

BulletProof Raw Chocolate Powder avoids this problem by using a dedicated, closed, single-source facility at high altitude in South America with a short fermentation process. There are simply fewer opportunities for the bad molds to enter the process. We store the beans in a climate-controlled facility.

The way cocoa beans are stored has a large impact on the different kinds of mold and fungi present on the beans.7 Improper storage, which is common in commodity beans, increases fungi levels.


What’s in Bulletproof Raw Chocolate Powder? Just organic and raw cacao powder sourced from the best cacao beans, processed to minimize toxins, and carefully stored to prevent contamination from heavy metals and fungi.

Bulletproof Raw Chocolate Powder + Cacao Butter = Upgraded BulletProof Chocolate You can mix BulletProof Chocolate Powder and BulletProof Cacao Butter together at very low heat to make your own Bulletproof Chocolate bars or even fudge (more Chocolate Powder makes bars, more Cacao Butter makes fudge). To create that irresistible creamy flavor, we recommend adding Vanilla, and if you’d like it sweet, you can add raw honey to taste.

To make delicious hot chocolate, blend BulletProof Chocolate Powder and Cacao Butter in 1-2 cups hot water with erythritol or raw honey and grass-fed butter or ghee, or coconut cream.

Last but not least, you have not truly lived until you’ve blended BulletProof Chocolate Powder and Upgraded Cacao Butter into your morning cup of Bulletproof Coffee, making a full-fledged Bulletproof Mocha. It adds a delectable hint of satisfying chocolate taste.


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